The European Growth Merchant Bank

Advising and Investing in Information and Energy driven industries

Serving CEOs

of European growth companies in industries where we have a unique operational expertise and experience, with a holistic approach (Strategy, Financing, Operation) . We co-invest our own funds to build long term alignment & value.

We focus on identifying the right opportunities, adding value through hands-on guidance from our experts and generating synergies between a network of companies, investors and industries.

Our unique makeup makes us the partner of choice for those seeking international expansion.


Maslow Capital Partners provides a wide range of investment banking advisory services to its technology/ media/telecom and water/waste/energy  clients.

We focus on helping our clients with their strategic options and capital needs. The firm provides sell-side, buy-side, private placement, merger, joint venture, defense, fairness opinion, intellectual property, capital structure and IPO advisory services. We have developped our own methodology IVA(tm) to value and manage Intangible Assets.

We are selective in taking on clients and view each relationship as distinctive.


Corporate finance

Private placement, M&A, PIPE, Take Private

Accessing the right capital at the right time with the right risk and cost profile
We provide tailored corporate finance solutions:
  • Private placement
  • Sell side or Buy-side M&A
  • IPO / Take Private
  • Spin-Off
Our operation experience in the following industries enables us to become trusted CEO advisors:
  • Technology, Media, Telecom
  • Smart Enterprise
  • Consumer Software
  • Fin-Tech
  • Waste, Energy, Water

Structured finance

Debt restructuring, Project & Infrastructure Financing

Balance Sheet restructuring and  project financing.
Our debt practice covers:
  • Debt refinancing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Loan-to-Own
Our infrastructure finance practice covers:
  • Trade and export finance advisory
  • PFI
Our asset externalization practice has experience with the following type of assets (IAS, IFRS, French GAAP):
  • Waste to energy
  • Recycling, methanisation and cogeneration


Maslow Capital Partners manages a growth-focused   family office pledge fund, and invests exclusively in the projects that it advises.

While our average investment size is in the €5-10 million range, we have the ability to deploy capital in amounts ranging from as small as €1 million or, through our network of co-investors, as large as €50 million  euros..

We believe that the sectors we are specialized in will enjoy significant growth from globalization and  technology shifts and that our investments will be uniquely positioned to benefit from these trends.

Principal Investment

Direct Secondary

  • We benefit from the in-depth knowledge required to run a successful alternative asset management firm.
  • We provide our investors with exceptional proprietary investment opportunities.offices.
  • We have structured several investment vehicles for institutional investors as well as high net worth individuals and family offices.
  • We have partnered with Saints Capital, the historical leader in direct secondary transaction to offer liquidity solutions to private equity asset
  • In the recent years, we have analyzed, priced and bidded on more than 10 single assets or portfolios
  • We are focus on single asset or on portfolio secondary for public or private growth companies based in Europe


Our key asset is our global operating expertise in key industries.

Over the past 20 years, we have operated, created, turned-around, scaled, developed, invested-in, raised money and sold more than 100 companies accross Europe, USA and Emerging Countries.  

Technology / Media / Telecom

The convergence of progress in Material Science (internet of things), Biology (synthetic biology and bio-it interface, wearable computing) and information technology (cloud based computing, big data) will create disruptive opportunities and reshape traditional industries. European assets can be used to fund innovation or to deploy innovative technologies in legacy companies.

Water / Energy / Waste

The perfect storm created by the interplay between water shortage, global food consumption changes, increased waste production & urbanization and carbon energy crisis creates huge technology, growth development and infrastructure investment opportunities in Europe and around (Maghreb, SSA, CEI, GCC).European asset or project from European company offers interesting investment opportunities.

Our team brings unique perspectives to the CEO and management board of the companies that we advise and where we put our capital at work.


We are organized as a talent agency serving our portfolio companies. Leveraging our network of senior advisors and industry experts we can provide strategy and operation advisory to our investment portfolio.

We have access in Palo Alto / Tel Aviv / Singapore to unique IT development & execution capabilities to design, build and deploy innovative IT capabilities in existing businesses. We have access in the MENA, GCC, SSA to market development resources to accelerate the growth of European assets in those high growth regions.
We have access to management transition senior resources for CFO / CMO / CTO when a company needs on a temporary basis to scale one of its functional capability

Our unique makeup makes us the partner of choice for those seeking international long term growth.


Our team brings together more than 100 years of operating and investing experience within information and energy industries.

Our team of external senior advisors brings unique industry perspectives and experiences.

Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg

Founding Managing Partner

Founding partners of Maslow Capital Partners, Reuters Greenhouse Fund and Occam Capital. Sold Occam Capital to Bryan Garnier & Co. to launch BGPI. More than 20 years of investment experience in TMT Europe/USA with more than 50 transactions as principal and 50 transactions as advisor. Former Chief Architect of Reuters with 15 years of IT operation background in Europe/USA. BS/MS Paris VI University, Post Graduate Stanford, IHEDN session 61 .
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Christophe Pechoux

Christophe Pechoux


Christophe brings 20 years of experience in Investment Banking, both as a Corporate Executive and as a Private Investor. He has developed a large network in the FinTech space and a strong expertise in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Christophe has a master degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Waterloo and INSA Lyon.
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Muriel Sergent

Muriel Sergent

Head of Middle & Back Office

Muriel leads all the middle and back office processes of Maslow Capital Partners. She brings more than 15 years of experience in operations and marketing development in the financial industry in the UK, US and France.

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Fabien Léger

Fabien Léger

Managing Director

Fabien is the Managing Director of Asia Advisors; the business development partner of Maslow focused on the greater China region. Fabien worked with Skadden LLP law firm advising clients on major cross border transactions and later joined  Deloitte Luxembourg as an international advisor focusing on Private Equity transactions for global investment funds. Fabien has a Master’s degree in Economic and Business Law from the Institute of Business Law of the University of Paris 2 Panthéon Assas and from HEC Paris and from ESC Paris-EAP European School of Management.
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Stéphanie Flacher

Stéphanie Flacher

Head of Blockchain Practice

Stéphanie heads the Maslow Blockchain Practice, and brings 20 years of experience in banking industry with various responsibilities from Corporate Banker to Head of Mission at General Inspection and Business Manager in Energy & Commodities division. Stéphanie is Audencia Business School graduate and HEC certified in Executive Coaching.
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Yann Le Floch

Yann Le Floch

VP Tokenomics

Yann is a financial product developer and business maker in the blockchain ecosystem. He was formerly a banker in Equity Derivatives, Financial Restructuring, Consulting & Blockchain Lab in Investment Banking. He has focused on smart money development for the last 10 years. Yann holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Mines de Paris.
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Samuel Martinet

Samuel Martinet

VP Technology

Samuel is originally a computer science researcher turned entrepreneur. He worked several years in finance and consulting for investment banks. He comes with a truly international and multidisciplinary network. Samuel holds postgraduate degrees from Imperial College London and the London School of Economics.
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David Princay

David Princay

VP Communication & Marketing

David brings his effective background in product and marketing to blockchain market. He has co-founded the « Club Français de la Cryptomonnaie » and is supporting blockchain projects in their product and media strategy. David holds master degrees in Engineering at Grenoble INP and Project Management at HEC Paris.
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Haisong Tong

Haisong Tong

Senior Advisor China

Haisong brings a unique network and expertise about China. He co-founded the Elite Educational Institute and was the MD of Technology Reserve China. In 2013, he started Elite China aiming to grow China’s future leaders and thinkers. He was also responsible for Intellectual Ventures’s Physical Science initiative in China, and helped establish the China McKinsey office in 1993. A Shanghai native, Haisong studied Laser Physics at Fudan University and received his MBA degree from Harvard.

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Stephen Diver

Stephen Diver

Managing Director

Stephen brings a unique investment banking track record in Germany, Austria, Poland, Australia, Russia and New Zealand, after working for the New Zealand Treasury as an economist and serving as the New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Germany and Eastern Europe. His background is in the arts (MA in Philosophy and Russian, University of Victoria, New Zealand) and business (MBA, University of Otago, New Zealand).
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Co-host of Kinnernet Europe 2018

Kinnernet Europe is an un-conference that brings together 200 global innovators for foster a unique dialog on technology and business innovation.

Buy-Side advisory in the acquisition of three Canadian companies by Avanquest

Advised Avanquest in the acquisition of Adaware, Lulu, Upclick to scale it’s internet traffic monetization activities.

Investment in CCU

Invested and joined the advisory board of Canada Computing Unlimited, a leading crypto-mining service provider.

SpinOff and Private Placement for PlanetArt.

SpinOff and Private Placement of 11.4M€ for PlanetArt.

Co-host of Kinnernet Europe 2017

Kinnernet Europe is an un-conference that brings together 200 global innovators for foster a unique dialog on technology and business innovation.

Private Placement for Youmiam

Advised Youmiam on a private placement of 1.1M€  to fund the growth of the company. Joined the board of Youmiam.

Private Placement for MyDevice

Advise Claranova on the spinOff and 10M$ Private placement to SemTech for MyDevice its IoT business unit.

Investment in Spicee

Invested and joined the board of Spicee.

Co-host of Kinnernet Europe 2016

Kinnernet Europe is an un-conference that brings together 200 global innovators for foster a unique dialog on technology and business innovation.

Investment in Wondermento

Invested and joined the board of Wondermento

Spin-off of non core assets of Avanquest

Advise Avanquest in the spin-off of it’s UK retail  business unit sold to Maximum Games.

Equity fund raising for Avanquest

Design and delivered a guaranteed equity public offfering of 34.5M€ that was 180% oversubscribed to fund the growth of Avanquest a 100M€ revenue global B2C software company.

Spin-off of non core assets of Avanquest

Advise CEO of Avanquest in the MBO spin-off of ProcessFlow a UK based business unit sold to it’s management.

Co-host of Kinnernet Europe 2015

Kinnernet Europe is a technology un-conference that brings every year more than 150 innovators from all disciplines and from all around the world in partnership with CDC, Havas Media, IPSOS, Orange, Air Liquide, Microsoft Venture.

Debt restructuring of Avanquest

Advice Avanquest in the restructuring of it’s 22M€ debt to enable to acquisition of 100% of the debt with a 64% discount.

Guest speaker at DLD Tel Aviv 2014

Maslow Capital Partners will participate as a guest speaker in the panel on « Extreme Funding » to be held on September 17 at 14:00  

Strategy advisory of Boomerang

Advised Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communication, a leading global digital advertising agency , in its growth strategy.

Opening of Maslow Capital Partners Tel Aviv Office

Building on our track record of more than 15 years of local activities in Israel we are opening a local office with our Managing Director Baruch Halpert located on 39 Montefiore Street.

Co-host of Kinnernet Europe 2014

Kinnernet Europe is a technology un-conference that brings every year more than 150 innovators from all disciplines and from all around the world in partnership with CDC, Havas Media, Orange, Air Liquide, Microsoft Venture.

Buy-side advisory AM Fine management

Advised AM Fine, the leading European asset management reporting sofware company, in its screening and build-up strategy.

Strategic advisory of SmartLogic

Advised Smartlogic, a leading global content intelligence software company, in its growth strategy.

Investor advisory for Les Argonautes MBO transaction

Advised the historical shareholders of Les Argonautes, leading French digital agency, in a MBO transaction. 

Sell-side advisory of Innoveo in its acquisition by Pactera

Advised Innoveo, a leading Zurich based insurance software company, on its growth strategy, and its cross border merger with Beijing based Pactera.

Buy-side advisory in the Carve-out of AID from Omnicom

Strategic advisory and fund raising for the management buy out of AID  

Advisory of corporate venture team of Air Liquide

Advised the management team of Aliad, the corporate venture team of the Air Liquide group, in its deal sourcing and risk management.

Private placement of Navendis

Advised and invested in Navendis, a leading internet base B2B cab company. in its A-round private placement. 

Investor advisory for AM Fine MBO transaction

Advised the historical shareholders of AM Fine, the leading European asset management reporting sofware company, in a MBO transaction. 

Private Placement of MK2

Sell-side advisory  for MK2 a leading film production and distribution company.